Remove supporting/counter points, or change them.

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The problem I have with choosing between a supporting/counter point is that I typically don't fully agree or disagree with a response that someone has. I am often confused if I should give either a supporting/counter point based off the context of the response, and I think that it is misleading for the readers as well. I feel as though if I give someone a supporting point, I have to first start off by stating that "I don't fully agree with your response", and vice versa with counter points.
To resolve this issue, I propose two options:
Option #1: Eliminating supporting/counter points and changing them to just replies. This would not only encourage more critical thinking, but it would also create less confusion with choosing between supporting/counter points.
Option #2: Giving users the option to give a "neutral" response. That way, there can be a middle-ground for users who have varying opinions on responses.
Any thoughts?

Under consideration Suggested by: Eli Miller Upvoted: 10 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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