Sliding scale for CP

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A professor suggested that we allow a range of CPs to award points like this:

Curiosity score <55 = 1 point

Score 55-70 = 2 points

Score 71-100 = 3 points

this was from her suggestion:

"It would reward students on a sliding scale for writing better responses and, in a way, could separate okay, good, great, awesome posts (A/B/C posts, maybe). I provide extra credit to students at the end of the semester with the highest total and highest average scores, which does help to motivate some students, but a sliding scale could be a better reflection of their grade/effort for the discussions. Perhaps this is my fault for setting the bar low with a minimum of 55, but I find it odd that a student with a score of 55 is getting the same grade as someone who gets a 95 (obviously, I’m not changing anything for this semester). I guess another approach could be curiosity points = grade percentage."

Under consideration Suggested by: Daniel Green Upvoted: 02 Jul, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1