Abilty to organize questions by modules (or chapters/units), not purely by time

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I love Packback but I'm really struggling with the inability to have different modules separated so all posts are on the same unit/topic.

I need an option that is module-based instead of time-based. I have students who work ahead and students who occasionally get behind and it's very hard to follow the threads (especially if students don't label the threads with the unit/chapter they are working on).

I have found that my students sometimes have tremendous non cognitive barriers to their success and some need individualized success plans. There are others who work ahead at times to meet their needs. Anyone who is slightly off of the time frame can really get lost. As a partial solution, it's very helpful to have students label all of their posts (questions and responses).

Done General User Experience Suggested by: Katharine Rumrill-Teece Upvoted: 11 May, '23 Comments: 9

Comments: 9