Email Reminder notification to students

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"Reminder notification to students to complete their posts before the deadline if they haven't yet" is already posted but I would add:
Email Reminder Notifications:
1) To remind them to post
2) To notify them they missed posting last time
3) [AND the most important thing for students is "current grade"] how much percentage wise they are meeting the current requirements. For instance, 85% or 100%. Since this is used as a real grade by professors I am surprised knowing the students that this has not been requested yet. Since they request this from professors all the time.

Note that I know this function is available to them in their individual dashboard but since this is high tech it would be nice to have the convenience of it being already done easier since it it in the reminder as a key factor being displayed/posted.

Under consideration Suggested by: Franck Vigneron Upvoted: 08 Apr, '20 Comments: 0

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